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How to ensure the accuracy of electricity storage inventory?

来源: Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. 发布时间:2017-10-12 13:59:01

A,Shenzhen electricity storageFormulate corresponding responsibility: within the warehouse on personnel training, improve the quality of the industry, develop the KPI appraisal system.
Second, electricity storage management systems and devices equipped with:
1, system: electronic storage link for information system has a strong dependence, if there is no function of form a complete set of perfect management system for warehouse operation process guidance, and simply rely on personnel, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the inventory.Only a few crucial functions, respectively is: bar code applications, inventory goods management system, etc.
2, the related equipment: form a complete set of equipment and system, improve the accuracy of the number of the equipment.More typical in the inbound links, shenzhen electricity storage through the bar code identification, RFID identification devices such as warehousing category differentiate quantity and control;In sorting or inventory link, for picking up goods system review to confirm the equipment.
Third, from the factors influencing the accuracy of the inventory, set out to improve
1, purchase acceptance: acceptance of the material must be consistent with what is the number of orders, the source of this is to ensure inventory accuracy.Electricity sellers product skus will not less, like clothing can be divided into different color, style, size, is very complicated.At the time of acceptance must be carefully check good, consistent with the requisition to confirm receipt, inconsistent cases to reflect in time.
2, shelves: for the shelves position control accuracy, the accuracy of the number of stores, and we need to control the important link of management.Shenzhen electricity storage but when warehouse inventory clear, there was an error on the shelves in our daily management process will always exist.
3, tally: tally to improve inventory accuracy has a positive significance to prevent.In everyday the clean-up inventory goods clear tally method, which includes a commodity put, the distinction between adjacent pallet goods, abnormal parts cleaning.Determine the tally cycle, arrange the human regular tally, tally, it found that the number is wrong, immediately find the problems of location difference, and then adjust.
4, when the delivery of multiple check: if the conditions have electricity can be used in a four check link, and code sorting calibration, deducting the calibration, net weight and gross weight.If there are no conditions, also can double check to ensure inventory accuracy.
5 and return: a lot of electricity sellers often return but leakage inventory storage, which requires the management of relevant personnel must be careful, registration return information in time, return the goods packed in time entry in the inventory system.
6, inventory, inventory and cannot solve the problem of inventory accuracy, but can be found in the process of inventory inventory problems.Shenzhen electricity storage specific inventory cycle and inventory methods, according to the specific circumstances to make electricity sellers.
In fact, there are many factors affecting stock accuracy, such as the goods itself, the design of the goods, goods have chosen way and so on, shenzhen electricity storage needs everyone according to their own conditions.