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Shenzhen electricity storage outsourcing should value time

来源: Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. 发布时间:2017-10-12 14:02:49

Engaged in electricity, warehousing logistics services company has a lot of, each have each characteristic, so electricity sellers in choosing a warehousing outsourcing service how to choose?
Electricity sellers in the choiceShenzhen electricity storageYou should consider the following:
A, the safety of the warehouse
Warehouse safety is first, for goods: we're going to see when trying to choose
1, the warehouse of the structure is reasonable, solid, is it steel + concrete structure.If there was a slight earthquake, ensure the warehouse won't fall down.
2, warehouse is built in low-lying place, if in low-lying place, in case of flood, goods flooded easily, so the warehouse must be built on high, and far away from the factory pollution is more serious.
3, warehouse whether have the insurance, the warehouse have insurance on the goods is a kind of very good guarantee, if the goods in a warehouse fire, water, theft, and so on and so forth, and the insurance company is responsible for the electricity sellers have nothing to lose.
4, libraries are installed in monitoring and control system.In order to for the real-time regulation of goods in the warehouse.
Second, the warehouse internal environment
1. To see the warehouse sealing yan is lax, early spring in the north often have dust storms, if there would be no sand sealing tightly into the warehouse, on the contrary, there will be a large number of dust into the warehouse goods neat would be affected.
2. The warehouse is epoxy floor on the ground, in comparison with ordinary cement floor, epoxy to goods can play a role at 2 o 'clock, dust and moisture.
3. Keep the temperature and humidity within the warehouse, some items may have a requirement on temperature and humidity, while maintaining the rolls of ventilation, lighting conditions, etc.
Three, warehouse management system
Many software involves the function of the storage and delivery, like ERP, delivery systems have this feature, but the software to use function has some limitations.Professional do electricity storage and shipping company basically is to use WMS warehouse management system.Buy the WMS is divided into the market standard and independent research and development.Independent research and development of software and what are the differences between the standard version software?
1, interface docking.When electricity sellers in other shops opened, whether also can docking.If is independent research and development system, when the other shops opened can directly for docking or development interface docking, if is the standard version, may also can butt, but it need after buying program staff of the company to development, time will be longer.
2, personalized service.Independent research and development of the system can provide personalized services to customers, such as VIP customers priority delivery, personalized outbound order design, level of different customers different gifts to send, etc.
3, independent research and development of the system when meet the problem can be solved as soon as possible, be found at any time, at any time.
4, releases is accurate, efficient and complete barcode operation, the system controllers.
Four, management,
Professional electricity storage on the management of the company are a set of suitable optimal system.On the management of operation:
1, a clear division of responsibilities.In the operating personnel division of labor is very clear, everyone can do their own work.There will not be chaos or have no work to do.
2, responsibility concrete.If the problems in the operation, which can be found, specific which personnel to operate.
3, operation, monitoring in detail.Professional electricity storage warehouse from the moment of the whole process is done under the monitoring of operation, if there is any situation can be displayed in the monitor.