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Shenzhen electricity storage into the era of platform

来源: Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. 发布时间:2017-10-12 14:04:14

Shenzhen electricity storageFive days into the era of platform, collaborative issued more than 600 million packages
On November 11, zero, when the user orders to complete the payment, there are hundreds of millions of packages start, and their starting line, is the unknown in the warehouse.During the long migration, the more to the end, the more crowded roads, the starting line of small advantages, can let the merchant's goods delivered earlier, which means better experience, more user viscosity, but many classes that purpose lifeblood.
Double 11 this year, more than 1 billion parcels flocking on the road, only 11, 657 million packages on the same day, and in a short span of three days of time, there is ninety percent of the packages to complete the delivery.To support the many merchants ", on the win at the starting line "is the name of a few you might seem strange: jaguar logistics, proglio, the more the supply chain...
Surge in orders for dozens of times, these warehouse operator has to achieve more than 99% of the five days to complete orders for delivery, the key, is a rookie network integrating these warehouse operators to a platform, a set of standardized operation process, coordinate the storehouse, prepackaged hot style goods in advance as well as a variety of hardware and software upgrades, they all have a unified name: novice alliance.Rookie in the league with a strong performance, warehouse operators are grow into new unicorns.
Intelligent systems meet the demand of fast away giant customization
Outbound order quantity when sales promotion to daily single volume of more than ten times, double 11 daily outbound quantity even reached more than eighty times.Mainly because of the fast giant "appetite" is too big.Secco jie did not, however, with simple and crude way to deal with inflation in single amount.The world's largest commercial real estate services and investment company (press) of computation of the turnover of 2013 cb Richard Ellis (CBRE) today issued the white paper "investing in frontier - electricity time in transition China logistics market.White paper points out that industrial real estate, especially logistics warehousing has become a hot topic in recent years, China's real estate investment.In recent years the rise of China's online retail market and booming not only affected and changed the traditional retail market pattern, which stimulates the development of the third party logistics, emphatically on modern logistics facilities market in China and more far-reaching consequences.Industrial real estate, especially logistics warehousing has become a hot topic in recent years, China's real estate investment.Shanghai as the world's largest port and the largest city in China economy, the market is currently the nation's largest high-quality warehouse.Rent huge foundation with steady demand growth, and better than that of commercial property rental yields make Shanghai warehouse quality becomes the object of funds to favor.Cb Richard Ellis data show that since 2011, the country's main urban quality warehouse the whole transaction amount is about 4.4 billion yuan, of which Shanghai occupies the ninety percent, the average return on investment of up to 6.7%.Recent industrial land policies, will be in Shanghai's industrial land and property market have a significant impact.