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Shenzhen electricity storage compared with the traditional warehouse management

来源: Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. 发布时间:2017-10-12 14:13:45

Shenzhen electricity storageCompared with the traditional warehouse management:
1, for the period.Order quantity, order fewer items, product quantity of the goods under less, most of them are single picking, these orders characteristics will lead to completely different picking methods, in order to improve the picking efficiency at the same time, also need certain proprietary equipment.
2, less average order line number.Traditional retail logistics have big orders for decades, even more than a few hundred lines, these goods may be distributed in every corner of the warehouse, according to the order picking, walk to complete the order picking warehouse.And less electricity, warehousing logistics order line, in most cases, such as jingdong, dangdang will not more than 10, a few, such as no. 1 shop will be between 10 to 20, if still use the traditional retail logistics don't commonly used according to the order picking, picking for picking on a visit to a small amount of a few need to be in a warehouse a lot of walking.A lot of practical data, according to the results of statistical analysis in the process of picking up to 70% of the time is spent on the walk.So you need to design a picking, can finish more orders at the same time, to improve the efficiency of picking, such as collection first picking pick sowing and planting seeds, or pattern, etc.
3, a single SKU inventories.Compared with traditional retail electricity sales platform without the limitation of traditional store space, so in order to attract and satisfy more customer needs, electricity sales of SKU is more comprehensive, more like amazon and dangdang, hundreds of thousands, millions of SKU.But because the warehouse space cannot be enlarged unlimitedly, how more SKU is put in the limited storage space, you need to order quantity of each SKU.Therefore, storage unit in the electricity, warehousing logistics, give priority to with box, instead of the traditional is given priority to with the tray.From select storage devices, the main choice of box-type shelves, such as shelf shelves or medium-sized shelves, instead of pallet racking.Operation strategy, most of the store and picking one, less large number of SKU allocating storage and selection space respectively, exist from the storage to the picking of replenishment operations.
4, high accuracy requirements.Compared with the traditional industry, electricity industry precision of warehousing logistics operation even more strict.So in the electricity, warehousing logistics in terms of internal operation, need to try our best to ensure the accuracy of the picking, for picking complete delivery outbound goods, to do 100% of the check, and in most cases, the need for packaging operation.Therefore, in the planning and operation of electricity, warehousing logistics, besides picking, improve the efficiency of review, packaging, is also a top priority.
5, high real-time requirements.In recent years, many electrical companies rushed to launch the ultra short delivery time, such as 211 service of jingdong, Yi Xun day to enhance and so on, which requires the warehouse need to be in 1, 2 hours to finish the order, check the selection, packaging, etc.And traditional retail orders for 48 hours or 24 hours response time compared to electricity, warehousing logistics operation to ensure the order to production, in a short period of time to complete the order of production.So how to improve the response speed of the order, is also a research focus.
6, order volatile.Electricity sales promotions such as double 11, 12, and stores, attract a large number of orders, such as in ten days half a month can hardly reach customers in the hands of the news.Electric business orders, therefore, highly volatile, in electricity, warehousing logistics planning and design, site/personnel/equipment configuration of flexible enough to satisfy large during promoting the bulk delivery, and be quick.At the same time, often there will be some item or combination of group purchase/bargain activity, this activity will cause temporary large amount of orders, warehouse logistics requirements of the backend electricity suppliers is also very high.Therefore, electricity, warehousing logistics planning and process design, also need to consider such activities order, fast production, even can design special delivery process.
7, return quantity is very large.Because of the characteristics of the electricity industry, the customer can't see the real, pictures, text description, order procurement, alone when, after receipt of the physical and psychological thought may be there is a big gap, therefore, compared with the traditional retail logistics, electricity return amount greatly.For the back-end electrical business, warehousing logistics, should have a strong ability to handle return of the goods and will return for quick pick goods, to ensure that the return to selling goods in a timely manner.