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No one logistics distribution, walker future research and development of unmanned cargo to cars

来源: Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. 发布时间:2017-10-12 13:41:48

Nearly two years, both in logistics field and electric field, no logistics distribution is a very popular topic, there is jingdong drones before delivery, after ali's rookie small G network delivery is no robot, everyone is enthusiastic about no one logistics distribution.This also no wonder, as the demographic dividend gradually disappear, the human cost increasing, using technology to reduce the logistics cost has become the inevitable trend in the future.

The get along for some well-known strategic investment in capital and intellectual walker was established in May 2015, is a focus on autopilot smart car system development and application of the company is committed to become the international first-class smart cars based technical solution providers and service providers.The company founding team all graduated from tsinghua university, CEO Zhang Dezhao is department of automotive engineering, tsinghua university, PhD, involved in making a lot of intelligent car related national standards.Wisdom walker has the domestic industry's top technology and nearly 20 patents, many of the game at home, won numerous awards.Minister of the ministry MiaoWei, Dutch transport minister by of walkers have driverless cars.

At present, the wisdom of walkers focus on autopilot smart car central decision-making system development and system integration, is committed to limited area at the present stage in the low speed of unmanned this vertical application fields, especially in logistics distribution and unmanned vehicle two directions, the future will be extended to commercial vehicle applications, including passenger cars and trucks will have a further development in the field of passenger cars.

None of walker is now developing logistics distribution vehicle, focuses on solving logistics distribution the last kilometer.The unmanned logistics distribution vehicle USES a multi-line laser + differential GPS environment perception system, carrying the AVOS of walker r&d system, at the same time using the embedded low-cost scheme, its application has been able to adapt to the complex environment.

Zhang Dezhao introduced with no logistics car speak for an example, he each time when you receive the express, Courier in good delivery time and his agreement, he feels a lot of pressure, for fear that the day work too busy home receive delivery within the agreed time.And no one logistics distribution of walkers car can help to solve this problem, Courier by unmanned distribution logistics distribution vehicle, items and submit it to the clients directly, the logistics distribution unmanned vehicles) can reduce about 80% of the human cost, Courier to improve the working efficiency of the Courier.

Only solve the logistics distribution the last kilometer of course is not enough, in addition to no one logistics distribution vehicle, intellectual walker will expand in the field of truck, speed up the logistics freight.For areas of logistics, freight is a top priority, and trucks are more likely to happen traffic accident.According to statistics, 90% of all traffic accidents from the driver's human negligence, and unmanned of walkers will help change this kind of problem.

At present, the think tank walker has been for many manufacturers provide overall solution of self-driving cars.The unmanned vehicle has been in highway HeGuoDao carried out large-scale tests, test more than 300000 kilometers, far more than other domestic unmanned vehicle manufacturers.At the same time, the unmanned vehicle can realize in the process of highway traffic lane changing automatically, the future of driverless car commercial just around the corner.

For investment wisdom walkers, suitable for the vice President of capital meng wake said: "suitable for is very bullish for unmanned, in the field of unmanned, wisdom walker is I have seen the most focus, at home to do the most understand car of unmanned entrepreneurial teams team.Wisdom walkers as tsinghua Ms. Clique unmanned team, decision-making and control in the smart car has ten years of accumulation of academic and research and development, even the industry friends manufacturers will come to consult.I think mentally walkers excellent skills and the ability to verify the system integration of landing will make it advance in unmanned landing a cornerstone of the most important."

Founding partner of xu dalai lama is also suitable for capital for walkers are full of confidence, he said: wisdom walker's technical strength and business ability to fall to the ground, and the accumulation of test data, the mastery of intelligent driving technology, the auto industry of agriculture, let them see all wisdom walkers tremendous potential to become the industry leader.Challenge ", known as wisdom, move on.Believe that wisdom walker can do the pioneers of intelligent driving industry in China."