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How to protect personal information of logistics?

来源: Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. 发布时间:2017-10-12 13:38:41

This is a finally began in June 1, June 3, giant "scrap" story.The main character in the story is alibaba's rookie network technology company, logistics and domestic express industry leader suitable abundant speed luck, supporting cast including jingdong, Meituan, tencent cloud, su ning, yuantong, easy fruit fresh, watching the story "eat melon the masses", is the most directly affected "as" story.

Rookie and motion as "June 1" children's day, two children for candy, "scrap" from a distance on the Internet: on June 1st afternoon, rookie officer micro issue a rookie on the suspension of logistics data interface motion "statement", said the active motion closed feng nest to the tank (controlled by suitable abundant investment (shenzhen) co., LTD. Feng nest technology provided by the intelligent express to the ark) and taobao platform logistics data information back;Then along abundant responded that novice on security grounds unilaterally cut feng nest information interface, and accused rookie for feng nest all the package information (including non tao orders), think rookie intends to make the switch from tencent cloud to cloud ali...

Two main characters in "candy" for the data is still being flushed, playing a supporting role, through the network channels position, little joined the children "as".

But regulators did not let the "scrap" last long.Mediated by the post office in the country, on June 3, 12 points, shaking hands, the two leading role fully recover the business cooperation and data transmission.

This story took place in the express logistics industry, "intelligent, digital" mark of change, to the industry pattern has brought more uncertainty in the future.This story, took place in the network safety "on the implementation of key nodes, bring more thinking about the user data for the future use.

This is a was soon put a stop to "scrap" story, is also the starting point of the future more stories.

Giant fight, user stores

Money was raining in chengdu (a pseudonym) on taobao recently ordered as the season of cherry, June 1 night, she suddenly found that do not check on taobao buy cherry logistics information.Watching the news, she just know, because the novice and motion "as," I must pass the motion of the App or website, in order to check the details of the logistics information.

"Motion and ali bye, pass I what matter?Don't kidnap me."Money spent an hour after understand the ins and outs, raining issued such a sigh.Ordinary consumers, however, in this case, don't be angry, most real injury is with a suitable abundant delivery of taobao sellers.

Acesun (a pseudonym) is a taobao sellers, mainly engaged in fresh fruit.In order to promote consumers to purchase experience, the shop a year ago he started to launch along abundant package mail service.The novice and motion "scrap", let him really angry, so can't resist WeChat circle of friends make fun: "you ali and motion to make things, pass our merchants fart matter!With what you two immortals fight just broken my information?"

In fact, after the rookie and cutting motion data interface, taobao Tmall sellers cannot pass the background along abundant express a single number of the input, a considerable part of the seller.

According to the novice network is given, the two sides after a dispute, received a large number of businesses and consumers ask rookie.Affected businesses worry that if continue to adopt suitable abundant delivery, may cause property damage, can also cause buyer concentration complaints.

Novice recommended taobao Tmall sellers use other Courier service.But acesun think both sides is not reasonable, is not responsible."Now let me change Courier, fresh thousands of single, who had time to go to immediately change?"Due to the motion by a large margin in cold chain logistics distribution on the speed of private Courier, it is not easy to find a suitable replacement does.

Fortunately, the sudden and drastic "scrap" didn't last long.Late on June 2, the national postal service called rookie and the high-level motion to Beijing, to coordinate both sides close exchanges the data interface problem.Early the next day, the national postal service official weibo, rookie and motion "will tell from the height of the political interests", agreed to since 12 June 3, full recovery and data transmission business cooperation.

For regulatory intervention, acesun felt lucky.If the dispute has been settled on both sides, he's online store is likely to occur "money goods two empty"."No motion, no suitable Courier;Motion, the background is not to go to confirm the delivery process, the payment will not receive.When the time comes to find who argue?"

End to the "scrap", express logistics network chief adviser to Mr Xu's biggest feeling is, although the close cooperation between electricity and express industry, is still a lack of rules, especially when facing the data.

"A rookie in the electricity market accounted for more than 70%, is dominant in the industry, it requires that the data provided, others refused to provide, this is conflicting demands."Xu believes that the cause of the incident, still is to express company and electric business platform in front of the data is not the same as the industry status.

No rival in the telescope, but now have data to enemy

Ali system has been trying to put the rookie into one, which is based on the data of the logistics infrastructure.As of November 2015, more than 70% of China express packages, thousands of domestic and foreign logistics, warehousing companies and 1.7 million logistics and distribution personnel operate on novice data platform, process the data quantity 9 trillion.

According to the novice, through "assigned to" big data technology, myself and express company can work together.The morning of May 29 this year, 15 postal express delivery companies, including motion and novice network signed a strategic cooperation agreement.According to the agreement, the 15 enterprises and rookie will be based on cloud computing services, through the electronic products such as single, cloud customer service cooperation to promote industry informatization on the upgrade.

In the "scrap" novice network President Wan Lin issued an open letter, the letter "rookie no rival in the telescope, are partners and example".As a no Courier logistics technology company, rookie that has been used since the case.

But the telescope to see now, rookie nearby there is still along abundant the rival: motion holding 2016 annual report, 2016 annual 2.58 billion votes, the express traffic speed transport logistics no tax revenue of 57.141 billion yuan.Contrast in the same period the national express volumes (31.28 billion) and (397.44 billion yuan) to estimate the income scale, suitable abundant speed luck express delivery business in 2016 accounted for about 8% of the whole industry, accounted for 14%.

Data, increasingly become the focus of rookie competition with the direct motion.The "scrap" outburst - feng nest to the cabinet is the most direct one case.

Feng nest to the ark mainly solve the logistics distribution "last 100 meters" storage problem.In the logistics, express delivery industry, "the last 100 meters" data tend to be more precise, and harder to get accurately.And feng nest at the end of 2016, has been more than 70 cities with more than 40000 Taiwan express ark, cooperation with the national more than 100 property companies.Announced in January 2017, feng nest when A round of funding to disclose completed 2.5 billion yuan, the port number of 3 million, the average daily package processing has amounted to express ark industry first.

Motion in public response to the incident, said the novice suspended feng nest data interface, on the grounds that the information security on the surface, in fact is a targeted to block action.Motion, called for "hope all express industry tongren wary about novice bribing express company core data without bottom line".

The rookie has told reporters that novice never asked provide motion according to the tao coefficient, it was in the past, a large number of queries and motion using a nest of the motion data, far beyond the scope of normal use.

In fact, motion and rookie about feng nest to the ark of the contract has been expired in March 2017.After nearly two months communication negotiations, the two sides can't agree on the data connection information security need, hence terminated the contract agreement.

Rookie and combing the response can be seen that video to each other's data, but in abundant express nest cabinet after the expiration of the contract, the parties cannot agree on the last 100 meters data sharing agreement, hence the break.

In addition, in May last year also launched a competition with a rookie positive motion data value-added services "lighthouse" data.This product combines the internal and external motion data, covering 3 c, clothing, shoes, boots, maternal and infant, beauty makeup, fresh, household appliances and other industries, through data sharing and matching, from all walks of life to help merchants stock, inventory management, and optimize operation, adjust the marketing strategy.

Quite interestingly, in the "as" in one day, after the beginning of many electric business platform, the Courier company is very rare to reform: tencent, jingdong, netease, Meituan publicly support motion, EMS, suning, easy fruit fresh, all the peak, guotong, yuantong choose sides and rookie campaign.

Utilizing data sharing needs refinement, authorization

If the event consumers and sellers feel inconvenience is only temporary, so consumer data behind the incident is a reflection of the information security problem is long: became interested in the data of the moment, for consumers in the Internet platform of data, sharing and use of network platform operators can?

In a talk with a friend to do IT later, the school of arts living money raining just know, originally the two giant competition is a virtual network data, and the creator of these data is like her ordinary consumers.It made her feel very upset: "these data may include my privacy, how can such a deal?"

"Two thought great companies, because the data in a dispute over ever asked us consumers is the owner of the data?"Cai Tong working in the field of communication in Beijing (a pseudonym) is better than money raining on understanding this case, the seriousness of the personal data information is Shared and used.In his view, the "as" the two main characters are the "the three big board".

In the interview, many experts agree that the incident in the future enterprise competition, how to realize the data security and legal sharing problem is a wake-up call.But the incident is the core of the legal issues, rookie with other express company the legitimacy of the exchange of information users' personal data.

Chongqing university national cybersecurity and big data dean professor JiAiMin think the rule of law strategy, novice to share basic information such as user's phone number to abundant nest is based on the implementation of the agreement directly purpose, therefore is legal.And the novice web service agreement (version effective date: on December 18, 2015) also expressly agreed upon the novice users and ali platform, platform taobao and alipay, the relationship between the rookie therefore consumer transaction information behavior is legal.

But many other express company, on the question of how to make use of the user personal data information, the lack of clear rules.JiAiMin, according to the analysis of several Courier companies either in its user agreement vaguely mentioned data sharing, or you don't consider data sharing, even didn't own user license agreement and privacy policy.In this case, the Courier company without consent of the user, also there is no statutory basis, be sure to provide personal information to novice behavior obviously violates the current laws and regulations.

Secretary-general Hu Gang Internet society of China research center, said the incident specifically involves what data we don't know, but you can have good reason to believe that these data contains a lot of users' personal data and privacy.On June 1, and the implementation of the "law of network safety, once again stressed the use of personal information should follow the principle of" legal, proper and necessary ", especially the necessity.

"A lot of operators to collect user data, to many far beyond his needs repairing figure software will ask the user's location, address book, read the user's memory, this is totally unnecessary."Hu Gang truth, many App accurately grasping personal data directly, and mentioned in the "user agreement", the enterprise itself or its affiliates, partners will use and share these data, but due to the concept of "affiliated enterprise, partners" is too vague, led to the unlimited user sensitive personal information data transmission, reproduction and utilization.

"The rookie war surface motion is for the sake of their own data rights conflict happened, in fact, this part right belongs to the user."Zhu Wei deputy director of the communication law research center of China university of politics and law, said the network platform can use users' personal data information in a reasonable scope.But if the network platform of data port illegally used by others, the network service providers (such as motion, rookie, etc.) and its controller are responsible, and perhaps even criminal responsibility.

"Only in general will inform the user with a partner to share data information, this is not, who would be sure to inform the user and share how to share, how to spread, and to obtain clear user authorization.Even the user a one-time authorization will change, may need to user authorization for many times."Hu Gang judgment.

Fortunately, the "scrap" to control the influence of both parties.According to xu, though rookie and motion "scrap", but the data of consumer information to control not to breathe."Consumers can rest assured that the couple quarrel no hurt to the children".

Will appear later "data for" what should I do

The rookie conflict by national post office administrative coordination motion temporarily solve, but if the future similar "user data", how to deal with?

With digital strategy, more and more enterprises begin to open to share their mastery of the user data, and other platform of data matching analysis, cross validation, portrait to the user's actions.Beijing tzu chi lam law firm lawyers, the Internet society of China credit evaluation center that legal adviser zhao occupation in different platform data sharing, use, need a authority, a neutral third party intermediary.

"One party that holds the information transfer to others to share data, there is a third party to help you to talk about the transfer of the conditions, the assigning party feel reasonable, by the assignor also feel reasonably, it mainly have such effect."Zhao occupation think if there has been no such authority, neutral third party intermediary data sharing, such as motion and rookie conflict may still produce.

Because the incident came just on the first day of the network safety "effect, so Hu Gang think, at this point in time, this event for the implementation of the network safety" has a good practical significance: for use with sensitive personal data, Courier and other industry should establish requirements for the data security self-discipline within the industry as soon as possible, so as to adapt to the new law requirements, in line with the industry.

In JiAiMin view, based on data of economic form finally arrived, but unfortunately, the establishment of the unified rules of user data collection, processing and utilization of "personal information protection law" has not yet come.So he called, "personal information protection law of the People's Republic of China" should be at an early date should be on the legislative agenda, for the data to develop the basic economic rule of law.