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Huixin International Main business
Warehousing and distribution

It has invested a great deal of resources in various aspects to ensure the high quality and reliable service for the Chinese market. To this end, the letter logistics in China's strategic cities, the design and construction of a series of logistics centers, constitute the most convenient and efficient network We provide exclusive and shared warehousing and distribution services to meet your specific needs in your business, plus a range of value-added services that will help you further improve your service Benefits of the supply chain.

Overland transportation

The huge network runs through all regions and major cities in the world, providing efficient door to door, long distance land transportation and Lu Yunling shoulder transportation services. For each of your land transportation needs, our experienced staff are fully for you most of them took the policy, with local talent Multilingual competence.

Freight forwarder

It has a logistics network spanning six continents and has a strong and strong partnership with major air, sea and land carriers; International freight forwarding is one of our core services. We offer a reliable and competitive international freight forwarding programme that will fully assist you in developing and developing new and old markets.

Our range of services

Warehousing management, electricity supplier delivery warehouse transportation, third party QC testing, international logistics services

With its integrated logistics solutions, a professional operating team, and a global network of China and Asia, we are expanding our business and building a good reputation. We provide full end to end supply chain management for manufacturers and retailers in different industries.

Based on a wide range of customers, services and industries, we have accumulated extensive experience in supply chain management, logistics and information technology in all walks of life Professional knowledge.

Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a set of road transport, warehousing and distribution logistics, Shenzhen electricity supplier logistics, Shenzhen logistics warehouse rental and other professional services as one of the Shenzhen electronic commerce logistics company, under the joint efforts of all staff in the Department of international logistics in recent decades, accumulated rich management and transport experience, gradually changing the concept of service and improve the service level, and created a huge industry value...