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When the goods logistics awakening robot will knock on our door?

来源: Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. 发布时间:2017-10-12 13:43:25

On May 22, connection upgrade - 2017 global wisdom logistics summit was held in hangzhou, ali institute released blockbuster "when goods awakening - wisdom logistics under the new retail environment report (hereinafter referred to as" report "), and report on the basis of large data analysis, response to the "China logistics inefficiencies" and "wisdom logistics cause unemployment", reveals the "new retail environment goods and the physical space relationship".

According to the report, intelligent logistics is the most important four big features of "collaborative sharing can assign, big data driven, supply chain integration, automation 3.0", these four is an organic whole, be short of one cannot.Awakening when the goods, the logistics robots to knock on your door, don't be surprised.


China logistics inefficient?

China's logistics efficiency is 1.5 times of the United States

When it comes to Chinese logistics, for the most should be "low efficiency, high cost."The reality is this really the case?Report comparing the two logistics power related data of China and the United States, think that China's logistics efficiency is very high, logistics efficiency is about 1.5 times of the United States.

Report, according to data from 15 years, one half of freight turnover from the United States of China's rapid growth to the United States nearly 2 times, but the social logistics cost was only 24% higher than that of the United States, as in the United States almost money, after two times the goods in the United States, every tons of cargo logistics costs 46% less than the United States.China is a manufacturing power, the second industry accounts for more than 40%, large amount of goods, at the same time, China's GDP less than 70% in the United States, social logistics cost to GDP ratio is higher than the natural, this is determined by the industrial structure.

Under the drive of digital economy, on behalf of the new economy express quantity ten years to one over ten of the United States from the United States for more than two times, five times to reach the United States in 2021, showed a trend of exponential growth, China's low logistics cost is also important to support the development of the digital economy.

China's problem is that a single node of the logistics efficiency is high, but higher cost synergies between nodes, Chinese logistics don't like the United States and other developed countries through the free competition - the process of oligopolistic market, there are more than 80 m logistics enterprises, 80 express join in enterprise, therefore, how to explode in size growth of macro environment, using new technology to reduce cost synergies of atomic type (low concentration) market, is the core issue, the so-called collaborative, including collaborative planning and coordination, work not only, also includes interest coordination.

Report data further shows that after the implementation of the strategy of developing logistics wisdom, China's electricity express packages aging in 2016, up 10% year-on-year, up 15% over 2014.Double 11 one hundred million packages during the period of time from nine days in 2013 to 3.5 in 2016 days, to accelerate the trend is obvious.

Technological progress cause "job"?

From the wheel to logistics cloud: 7000 years of history proved that worry is unnecessary

History seems to have been repeated the same question, every technological revolution, will cause people concern about unemployment.Logistics industry is no exception, with the progress of technology and evolve continuously, from the invention of the wheel to the application of logistics cloud, each big technology revolution has changed the original forms, there is always a round of opposition.

Railway was introduced into China, the government ZouYi "unemployment and hurt people.The invention of the container and popularization, make logistics costs have fallen sharply, but also make millions of dock workers.

But as can see, railway, port logistics industry creates more employment opportunities, later the people engaged in more valuable work, rather than simple handling.Trouble when millions of dock workers employment managers, don't think of a few decades there will be millions of Courier.

Today, we discuss the question of whether or not to eat people, logistics robot and actually the same.So what is reality?This time will be different, is the inherent concept of social groups, days and tide wait for no man, however, every time, just the same really.

Ali institute report, according to the wisdom logistics has created a huge amounts of job opportunities, express the employees more than 2 million people, in addition, the rural logistics + village shop is planning to build 100000, filled the gap between urban and rural development, novice station up to more than 40000, alleviate the pressure at the end, in the reform of colleges and universities and some other hedge area, fill the generational idea.

Wisdom logistics also promote the transformation of the traditional employment, be newspaper with the impact of the Internet, delivery personnel were landing worthy enterprise integration, not only no unemployment, transformation of personnel's income has increased by 30%.Future employment in which direction will go, there is no doubt that when replaced the old work, certainly will produce more new demand.

Physical distance near the circulation time long?

Cross-border flow rules become wisdom logistics "obstacle"

The distance is 1000 kilometers from Seoul to Beijing, the distance is 2600 km from kunming to Beijing.A cargo from kunming to Beijing need 4 days, but it need 10 days from Seoul to Beijing.Behind this is caused by cross-border flow rule of globalisation invisible barrier (legal barrier is more than geographical barriers).

Because, at the current technical conditions, the global business has been linked to the Internet, trade can individuals as the unit at any time, this is the system of trade rules of innovators, 300 years ago by the unexpected.

Ali institute report, are analyzed from the points of view of history, over the past 300 years, the digital economy new business circulation to the deviation of the old international rules.Evolve as the second information revolution, the global Internet users has exceeded 3.5 billion, its global logistics, commercial relationship is fragmented, and high frequency.And global rules observed by cross-border logistics, or 17-18 th-century formation of the modern customs system, by which, was built in the 19th century, to ensure the right of communication on the basis of the upu - international postal system.

Platform trading distance is greater than 1000 km on average?

New logistics reconfiguration retail space relationship of people and goods

Logistics is characterized by experience "stock up" of the industrial age, to "express delivery" as the characteristics of the electricity business era, will now enter is characterized by "data ready for the" new retail era, ready for the regression of thinking.

Under the new era, the socialization of warehouse distribution, supply chain digital, offline store will become the logistics fulcrum, node form more immaterialized and data plays an important role in the whole link.

Rookie the backbone of the socialization of storage nodes coverage, will have 1000 km of distance shortened to 200-500 km, the future, as the line of the supply chain integration, the electricity supply chain will become part of a new supply chain, the data will be for the new supply chain can assign, rather than the subversion of the original system, greatly shorten the distance between people goods.

According to the report, intelligent logistics is the most important four big features of "collaborative sharing can assign, big data drive, supply chain integration, automation 3.0", these four is an organic whole, be short of one cannot.
First of all, intelligent logistics is universal, not referring to a specific enterprise, to make each participant benefits;Second, the perception function based on the full digital logistics entity elements, efficiency will be driven by data.Again, the main body part collaboration, things have their own "consciousness", when to go when to stop, all know it;In the end, is interactive robots can deal with some complex problems of logistics, will open the door of wisdom logistics.