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【Shenzhen electricity storage logistics 】 story between electricity and logistics Seems to never end

来源: Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. 发布时间:2017-10-12 13:53:02

A mature and the development prospect of logistics service enterprises, their fate is not to completely placed on simple electric business logistics issues.

"Li & fung bird" appearance is a battle over the data, a deeper look at is a battle for customer resources, a transaction map and battle.

Recently, Michigan strategic foundation, has agreed to supply to us $5 million for amazon logistics center project, which is sponsored by amazon's supply second Michigan, used to support the amazon will be in the state muller, $140 million investment in building large-scale logistics center.In the electricity business, have amazon abroad, domestic jingdong, ali.Now, the domestic and foreign each big electric business leading enterprises are relying on the rapid and high quality delivery service competition force progress itself.But electricity for logistics especially pay attention to, doesn't mean only between them "love" and not "kill".For example, recently, electricity giant alibaba's rookie network and express delivery of professional leader along abundant resistance to vibration industry.This resistance, exposed for a long time buried in electricity animosity between channels and logistics enterprises.This time eat melon public do not understand the power, not on the one dimension also dare to "challenge"?Murphy "you sell me" does not belong to a chain partnership?Former director of accenture communication media high science and technology consulting, technology and the Internet, a senior analyst at Zhou Chaochen thought: "a sophisticated and development prospect of logistics service enterprises, their fate is not to completely placed on simple electricity distribution issues."

A transaction map and battle

"Li & fung bird" began in early June.Suitable abundant declared closed for novice network data interface, continuously to all channels of taobao returned logistics information on the package.Novice network also in the heart of the ali is electric business channels along abundant away from logistics options.Therefore, it is said, "li & fung bird" is in fact a battle over the data.General situation, logistics data contains routing information and order information.Routing information generally comes from the Courier company records the receipt of your gun, transit, sending pieces, to sign for the node information.With merchants, express delivery company, rookie mastered all taobao order routing information, to complete the control of the aging.The surface single information is important customer information express company.

According to a worker leak before motion, 2003, motion start collecting input customer information (information).That is to say, the Courier receipt will face after the single data to warehouse controller, when I get to work at nine o 'clock in the morning, thousands of warehouse controller start our catalogue, for more than a decade has accumulated a huge user data.Although motion is one of the new shareholders, but unlike "cross", white-collar workers are more popular hand motion data mastered a lot of high-end customers.Because the postage is on the high side, so little brush single phenomenon, combined with the system requirements, grasp user information was degrees motion is much higher than "cross" logistics company, have more advantages for high-end customers do precision marketing, and the user is also Tmall want to deepen the mining resources.But now only motion sharing routing information."In the whole industry ecology, ali and motion at the different position of the chain, a near front sale, understand user purchase behavior;Another in the backend storage and shipping, really receipt information, the user to add up on both sides is an intact data chain."Internet analyst guo tao notify technology daily reporter.

Now, however, the motion has grown to set storage, cold chain for the integration of supply chain logistics service business.On the basis of suitable abundant results in 2016, fedex transaction revenue account for only 80%, other Courier companies are more than 90%.According to the former worker motion leak, novice to use suitable abundant customer information, build online retail terminal channels;And also want to have to buy the motion data, so has hatched the hey guest, the optimal motion, such as the big motion take charge of logistics value-added service (electricity channel) as a flow of import."To put it bluntly, motion does not meet the already well itself, but to the channel type and ecological enterprises forward."Guo tao show, so "li & fung bird" appearance is a battle over the data, a deeper look at is a battle for customer resources, a transaction map and battle.

Both sides hold for a long time.Once upon a time, logistics has been the ali's "soft rib".But over the years, through the efforts of the novice network, taobao channels have been able to supply "day" and "day" of products.I help all partnership of output in the name of a rookie, rookie after cloud will be offline logistics service, assemble together, in this kind of warehouse with integrated service, rookie of the division, completed the control of aging."Rookie in fact is the 'brain' express company, has absolute power."Guo tao said.

On May 22, in 2017 the global intelligence logistics summit, novice network released new brand identity and the new strategy.Novice network President Wan Lin leak, rookie next strategy from local optimization to global optimization, to complete the online, for ten thousand small and medium-sized brand supply chain solutions supply intelligence, traditional warehouse into intelligent warehouse.Rookie logistics in the future, not only in the Middle East supply 24 hours delivery, included in remote areas such as xinjiang, Tibet will achieve this goal.As a result, not a Courier rookie can track the parcel.But on the other hand, when ali rely on the help beginning novice network output, and the original partnership with positive competition."Ali mastered many businesses rely on strong electricity channel resources advantage and negotiations, so the rookie also beginning tried to cut her out of part of the formerly the sole motion in the high-end customers."Guo tao said.

It is reported that on June 1, rookie in guangdong maoming opened the first fresh delivery base of origin, from the local government, directly from the upstream to more than 80% of the country's maoming litchi distribution in their supply chain, which are all suitable abundant orders before.Although ali and motion must work in logistics category, but from the measured motion emotions it is not hard to see the rookie of the supply chain to insist on interval.Based on the day the wind data of securities, taobao electricity orders only accounted for 20% of the order motion, other Courier companies are more than 80%.In fact, because of the high motion of capital forms of cheap competition, can not adapt to taobao order as early as May 2014, the automatic motion cut part with taobao merchants cooperation.

Not only electricity "a porter"
One is the main domestic electric business, one is the pioneer of the logistics industry, both in the event of conflict, the earthquake brings to the industry is not small.What let along abundant willing to take risks will expose to compete with volume is 10 times as "the king of electricity?Zhou Chaochen thought, on the one hand, because the electricity giant extension and penetration of logistics service, on the other hand because of the electricity business logistics and express delivery transaction is two slay "love" of career.

About electrical business channels, logistics, capital pressure always restricts the increase of all the sale achievement.For example, "in 2016, amazon electric business income increased by 24.9%, but the logistics capital climbed 43.3%.Since 2013, logistics, capital increase rate is higher than the status of electrical business income increasing rate has been in the amazon, which makes the management of the amazon pressure is bigger and bigger."Zhou Chaochen said.Tightening logistics capital with optimization for this kind of situation, improve logistics power, the development of electrical business will divide into two typical way, that is, one is build efficient logistics channels, in the high profit margin instead of the original third party logistics link service, then drop logistics cost;Second is highly integrated information systems and logistics collaboration partner, to improve the logistics partnership of operating power, drop the intentions of operating capital."Amazon picked out the first road.In China, jingdong also chose the first way, ali, chose the second way."Zhou Chaochen said.

Because there is the interests of the relationship between control and electricity enterprises and logistics enterprises cooperation is difficult to form a stable structure, especially between professional giant."Motion is different from other logistics companies, has itself bargaining ability, not willing to be a 'porter' electricity channels."Guo tao indicate.Zhou Chaochen thought, also I help logistics giant, like motion must expect their own service standardization and create end-to-end logistics service, after I help build an open electrical business logistics channels, supply one-stop logistics network of similar federal express to fight for the electricity business category.