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E-commerce storage is different from the traditional storage?Special said

来源: Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. 发布时间:2017-10-12 14:02:18

Shenzhen electricity storageThe differences of traditional storage and:
1. The goods match in different ways
Traditional warehousing is a single category of goods storage, distribution is single centralized distribution system.Businessman warehouse is using a large data storage to the next order, select match send and save the logistics cost, improve the efficiency of distribution.
2. The differentiation of the type of warehouse
The development of the traditional single goods tend to reflect the general nature of the goods stored in the warehouse, only a few categories, according to the customer's commercial store order to different warehouse collect them, and even remote nearby facilities, automation, intelligent devices, in order to improve the picking efficiency, improve the efficiency of the logistics warehouse.Changed in the past the store.Through the selection of the command or automatically or manually, form the final plan.Also because the goods weight and size is relatively mild to implement reforms.
3. The different logistics equipment and technology
In addition to outside the lean management requirements, how to improve the efficiency of the overall processing?Nature will apply to electronic commerce software automation equipment and information technology.Different from the traditional warehousing and storage the characteristics of its delivery is the number of small batch, so make sure the overall accuracy, software system and hardware devices need to work together.Warehouse management system WMS software, RFID bar code information processing hardware, roadway type stacker automatic sorting machine, tunnel and other automation equipment.These are the traditional warehouse is not complete, is also a major difference.