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Send letter international logistics | improve electricity what warehouse management information

来源: Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. 发布时间:2017-10-12 13:51:33

Shenzhen electricity storage and warehousing in logistics is an important link in electricity product distribution, always appear in the joint of the logistics each link.

Warehousing link all the contradictions, focus on the process integration of upstream and downstream of the warehouse management is to realize the integration of the logistics process.Its personnel and equipment configuration and management efficiency in large program on affecting the supply chain operating costs.If you can't guarantee the correct purchase, acceptance, quality assurance and delivery, will lead to a waste of time, inventory, delay delivery, increase the cost.

In improving service levels, reduce inventory, save time, under the pressure of cost minimization, warehouse management is obviously more and more important.In actual operation, warehouse management and market and the stability of product, material type, the type and amount of storage equipment, size and number of the warehouse, information management level and the choice of the unit load have important link.

To electricity storage management effectively, we must select the appropriate load cell, make full use of the warehouse and storage equipment, minimize operation link, the perfect information management system in ERP, and ensure a good operation environment and security, and so on.Only in this way, can play well the role of warehouse management in supply chain.

For effective warehouse management must consider the following aspects:

1.Effective artificial management labor is the most important factor in any successful storage.Artificial processing program is more and more complex, artificial cost accounts for a large part of the cost of inventory.Whether can allocate human resources for effective operation is efficient electricity storage management one of the important criteria.

Enterprises should provide incentives to team of employees rather than the individual, the team's biggest potential.There are a number of warehouse management system lacks in artificial management and performance appraisal considerations, or lack of cohesion of artificial management this function.If the simple introduction of human resource management, and the combination of logistics warehousing and not cause to disconnect the whole information.

2.Warehouse layout design and improvement of the equipment as the hub of the whole system of logistics process, the design of the warehouse layout is reasonable affects the efficiency of the whole of the rolls.For example, can put the warehouse according to the product category is divided into different area.In this way, the whole case, split open a case, the whole plate separate operation, to avoid the scene disorderly, reduce the goods drop breakage.

In addition, the improved equipment of warehouse is reflected in the material on the packaging of goods.For a long time, storage in pursuit of "zero inventory", has been invested in the warehouse storage environment improvement and construction of warehouse and can't always stay at 100%, but the warehouse utilization and storage cycle is becoming more and more short.Advanced packaging not only can provide effective protection for the goods, but also provide convenient for storage and mechanical operation.Introduction of radio frequency and data automatic acquisition technology makes the standardization of packaging, cluster, can give full play to the efficiency of handling machinery, so as to improve the efficiency of the pile loading and unloading, handling, stacking, accelerate the warehouse operation mechanization.

, on the other hand, the automation of modern warehousing information sending and receiving materials packaging not only requires the size of the unified standard, specification, but also require that the materials information using technologies such as bar code on the packaging, which supplies packaging standardization to achieve the goal.So, improve the material packaging, is advantageous to the warehouse management automation.

3.Warehouse in the central command center of the central command center can be a project management institutions, to guide the completion of new inventory account and report the results and the progress of each step, at the same time maintain contact external customers.The command center should include two parts: the people and systems.

Warehouse operations are done in "four walls" warehouse, warehouse management system in addition to being able to include shipping management, inventory management, order management, picking, review, and basic information management, goods and goods replenishment strategy, the rolls mobile combination "walls" and so on system function, consider the warehouse and transportation management system management system, customer management, staff management system between the cohesion.

In the warehouse management system can real-time query product location and location in the supply chain, and the use of real-time information can be accurately and reasonably allocate goods in multi-node network.This is the role of storage as the command centre, library information management system of.Professional logistics information management system generally provide warehousing, distribution,
Comprehensive logisticsA series of information services, in order to cohesion and unity of the whole process of logistics.

Although there is a complete warehouse management system, but the role of people in the command center cannot be replaced by technology.Logistics project leaders need to be in a large amount of data on the basis of optimal allocation of limited resources.Warehousing is not a automation business, warehouse there are too many uncertain factors, need to be familiar with warehouse, both inside and outside, the head of the role of total control.

From warehousing logistics enterprises out of the erroneous zone, the use of the rich library facilities and management experience, the formation of the third party logistics, to explore the zhelin power plant integrated logistics management methods, in addition to have a certain environment and resources, management innovation is necessary, however, innovation management will be restricted by many aspects.

First, the money.Enterprise to innovate management, it is bound to bring in some hardware and software facilities, need a lot of money.

Second, the restriction of system update.New management ideas, especially such as MRP - II, the introduction of ERP, inevitably caused great impact on the management of the original thought.The improvement of management is often accompanied by institutional setup and personnel division of labor, the radical change of business process, etc.Because of the original system has been running for many years and formed a fixed pattern, in optimizing the process of restructuring, business transfer, process control, personnel collocation and so on various aspects of problems inevitably is complicated and not easy to sort out.

Third, the knowledge structure.Due to the introduction of new ideas, new knowledge, to make a part of the older people feel disoriented, knowledge aging, resulting in a slight negative resistance.Fourth, the artificial constraints.Due to optimize restructuring and management of institutionalization, transparent, make some people lose the original position, also touches some quick profit, to produce all kinds of resistance.