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Shenzhen electricity storage logistics | how to quickly improve the outbound efficiency and reduce labor costs

来源: Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. 发布时间:2017-10-12 13:56:17

Daily warehouse management, sunrise library is more than thousand single, how do to improve the efficiency of outbound, to improve efficiency at the same time try to reduce labor costs.Send letter international logistics small make up from daily warehouse today
Management introduced several tips (only for small warehouse, such as remittance letter international logistics large of third party electronic business warehouse, the efficiency is very low) :

Shenzhen electricity storage logistics - position management

1, barcode label, bar code identification for each location management, according to the "row - surface - column - layer" print bar code on each location, with this logo is very easy when picking, looking for goods for a few seconds to complete.

2, bar code identification, is the trend of warehouse management, I believe most of the electricity are doing warehouse.In addition to the text on the sign, print barcodes can be scanned.

Shenzhen electricity storage logistics warehousing

2 warehouse controller, 2 the PDA, 2 small trailer average per person per hour can be done at least 500 pieces of receipt (clothing, for example), 2 for 1 hour over 1000 units (piece) without any problems.Each get a PDA, put the cargo on the small trailer, pull to the front of the shelves, using PDA scan in location bar code on the shelves, and then goods barcode scanning, need not deliberately to distinguish between goods, goods can be placed at random (of course, if according to the categories of segregated the better), every place after a shelf for a shelf scanning.After the shelf will scan a good PDA according to location, bar code, the format of the number of direct import ERP system, put in storage.Then want to know where any item, how much, just go to inventory query input bar code query can know where the goods inside a few location, each location is much.That's all, don't have to go to what batch, need not fear a location corresponding to only one bar code for the goods
Cargo trouble, for every goods give a location.The paperless office warehouse, safe environmental protection.Of course, need to have ERP support.

Shenzhen electricity storage - outbound logistics (in 1000, for example, excluding packaging)

1 hit single, the scanning gun 3, computer 3, each computer configuration 2 people, total 5 people (including single and computer).A conservative estimate, every computer outbound quantity per hour above 80 single, 2 PCS per hour 160 single, 1280 8 hours.Storage is not available when also can be put into the Treasury staff transferred to the outbound outbound, together with playing single personnel that eight hours of orders so outbound quantity can be done at least a day on average more than 1500 single.Of course, the system support, the shipments will be multiplied several times.

A. play list sorted per 10 orders A batch print SanChan (picking orders, invoices, delivery order).Picking orders include location, bar code, quantity, order identification number (this make many methods);Invoice including basic information, express a single number, the order identification number.

B. after obtaining SanChan picking, single, according to the picking orders according to sequential sowing picking location, pick good goods in a single area according to the identification number, invoice information, express single points into the box to outbound personnel.(have sent friends to use PDA batch picking, if your ERP system support the development of PDA using order (development) check and verify the outbound function, can speed up again a step, and don't have to be so complicated, can reduce about 2 people can cope with at least more than 1500 orders, even just need a computer.But if the system does not support seamless docking with PDA, that now only such operations) of pure the warehousing system fully support the seamless joint between PDA and system, so efficiency is very high, greatly saves the cost.

C. outbound authentication

The computer scanning outbound order and outbound goods barcode check box, check into the packing area, waiting for the package.

Shenzhen electricity storage logistics - inventory

Tools: PDA, computer.Number of inventory is configured according to the staff.

Handheld PDA according to the location from the top to the bottom of successive scan status bar codes, scanning the bar code of the goods on the location, directly import ERP system to check the scan is complete, according to the prompt information to adjust.If ERP system does not support, to compare the inventory export summary and scan data, sorting data, analyze the differences reason, submit the inventory report, adjust the inventory differences.

From above we can see that thousands of single delivery with the help of information technology, the whole warehouse personnel configuration without eight people can from inventory to the dispatch is complete, the hardware configuration in total: 3 PCS, 3 scanning gun, (2) the PDA stylus printer, 2, 2, a small trailer (this is just a basic configuration, don't bore tip).And actually warehouse orders, artificial cost and the cost is show U a word, when your order quantity is small, and whatever your informatization level, your labor costs are high, but when the order quantity is larger, a one-time contrary to improve information management after labor costs (number) will be less and less.