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Shenzhen electricity | logistics warehousing logistics platform for the development of power

来源: Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. 发布时间:2017-10-12 13:54:43

Logistics service to upgrade the trend of the booster logistics platform development.With the development of mobile Internet, let the customer or the owner in real time for the implementation of the order information has been regarded as the important content of logistics service.But provide orders, the implementation of real-time information need on the basis of the "mobile information platform to provide information services.Online order query or track, for example, is based on the information platform of logistics network.

Traditional (PC) for the Internet age online order query, refer only to some of the key nodes of historical information, and can't query to the execution of the real-time information.On the one hand, it is online shopping platform without access to relevant information;On the other hand, the platform operator does not provide real-time information query.Unable to get orders for the implementation of real-time information, because (platform) of the mobile Internet is not yet perfect, or access to real-time information cost is higher.Platform operators did not provide real-time information query service, mainly because of the needs of the user experience is not enough to affect the operation platform.

With the development of The Times, the trend of the logistics service to upgrade the user experience will be more and more strong, one of the features such as shenzhen, electricity, warehousing logistics, the order of the implementation of real-time information to obtain the interaction of the demand more and more strong, and this will give the development of the logistics platform (mobile Internet platform) to provide enormous power.

In addition, the equilibrium distribution in logistics activity will boost the development of the logistics platform.Logistics enterprises in the system is balanced loading can be solved in the enterprise information system, but the balance of the whole logistics industry and distribution need cooperation between the enterprises.Cooperation between the enterprises need to support logistics platform.The balance of the whole logistics industry (industry) segment loading, the comprehensive logistics platform based on mobile Internet.