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Shenzhen | warehousing information about e-commerce electricity ERP system to try

来源: Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. 发布时间:2017-10-12 13:45:43

Electricity is short for enterprise resource planning, ERP system is established on the basis of information technology, integrating information technology with the advanced thinking, of dealing with systematic thinking, for enterprise employees and resolution scheme layer supply resolution technique for channel.Thinking is the supply chain to deal with its center, center intent is useful for end of the entire supply chain.
Many enterprises have to supply customers with trial version of software, system test, so that customer decided that if they apply.

When consulting the ERP system as a result, many customers would say to the trial.There is no denying the fact that the system try to let the customer have a more intuitive, more colossus, but this only applies to the general system, software, and electrical business ERP system software is not among the!

Literally look like electricity ERP software is a system, but in fact it is not a set of system or software, but the integration of the enterprise to handle the processing scheme, and of different enterprise conduction model based on different transaction process and planning.Thus, send letter international is not to try.Specific reasons are as follows:

Shenzhen electronic commerce storage - part of the deal with interlocking, don't know who do not know how to start.

Electricity ERP is so powerful that covers the enterprise produce of each process, each link, so even if the system has a clear part of the navigation map process, but people do not understand the system between the part is not easy to understand for the use of the interlocking method, facing system also do not know how to start.

Shenzhen electronic commerce storage - different versions of different enterprises, trial cannot effect.

Different industry, different enterprise ERP system of the electricity suppliers have different needs, and according to different enterprise ERP system planning is also different, to use different methods.Blind trial could not see the actual effect, inappropriate system can let the customer more illusion "system is not good enough".

Shenzhen electronic commerce warehouse - there was a problem not clear, probation system just in vain.

Many customers do not know themselves in to deal with problems arising from the enterprise, also don't know how to deal with these problems.ERP system is the present and the possible problems in the future for enterprise planning, unclear itself problem case trial system just in vain.

Shenzhen electronic commerce storage - end organization restructuring is the conditions of the implementation of ERP system.

ERP system is an operation flow system, the completion of the minimum redundancy of information and the datong.To play a role in ERP system, it is necessary in business process and organization organization restructuring, to make it fit the ERP system implementation requirements.Not finished restructuring is the behavior of trifles and direct the trial system, also from the original intention of using ERP system.

Compared with the system of trial, more important is the software demonstration and system training.Through software demonstrations, customers can real understanding of the system and service;After system training, customers will get to deal with the improvement of after using the system.

Therefore, customers in the selection of ERP system supplier, making system trial is not important, the most important thing is to understand the software demonstration, the content of the training system, in order to distinguish whether the supplier is professional.