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Shenzhen electricity | logistics warehousing logistics development direction for the future There is no doubt that is platform and big data

来源: Shenzhen Huixin International Logistics Co., Ltd. 发布时间:2017-10-12 13:54:08

Logistics platform and big data is the development direction of logistics industry in the era of mobile Internet.With the development of mobile Internet, logistics enterprise the boundary of the system may be extended to the whole logistics industry, take the form of industry platform.While operating platform, will be through the application of the large logistics data to coordinate the resource configuration of the whole industry.

Shenzhen electricity - logistics warehousing logistics platform

In the mobile Internet platform, is refers to the application of information technology such as mobile Internet to build information environment.And logistics platform, also known as the logistics information platform, is can provide logistics service supply and demand information release and online transactions, and logistics service tracking and evaluation of comprehensive information network environment.Logistics platform is a trend of development of logistics industry in the era of mobile Internet, but at the same time will face many challenges.

Shenzhen electricity storage logistics logistics with large data

With the development of the logistics platform, will produce a large logistics data.Logistics data, refers to the supply and demand of logistics service, logistics activities in the process of all kinds of related data will appear in the form of big data, reflect the formats of the entire logistics industry.Logistics is closely related to social and economic, big data will reflect the state of the social and economic development.
Logistics article big data needs to be three, one is to get the data, the second is the application of data model, the analysis of the three data processing.Data acquisition need to rely on mobile Internet related sensing devices and mobile communication network;According to the analysis of the model need to rely on the data of application specialist, such as mathematics, economics, and other fields of scientists;Data processing is the need to rely on advanced technology and facilities such as cloud computing.

Logistics data is a big data is a very important field of time, need more attention.But big data without logistics platform, also cannot leave the mobile interconnection of lean logistics base.The application of the principles of lean logistics of mobile Internet will be to establish the logistics platform and logistics the basis of large data play an important role.